Top US Locations for Nanny Jobs

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Atlanta, Georgia Nanny Jobs

Atlanta, Georgia is hot spot for nannies. Atlanta has a lot of large corporations with many busy and hard-working executives. These people need childcare for their children and often times, turn to a nanny. Atlanta nannies also has many suburbs full of families in need of nannies.

Atlanta offers the busiest airport in the country: Hartfield-Jackson International Airport. This means people can fly in and out of Atlanta with direct flights to most major cities for a relatively cheap price. That also means those nannies that do relocate to the Atlanta area don't have to wonder how he or she will get home easily and for an affordable rate.

Atlanta is also popular because the cost of living isn't unbearable. This means if you had to choose between being an Atlanta nanny or a New York City nanny with the same pay, you will be able to stretch your dollar further in Atlanta. The city of Atlanta also has all the offerings that major metropolitan cities have to keep a nanny busy all day long - with or without children!

Boston Nanny Jobs

Nanny jobs in the Boston area are plentiful if you find yourself in Beantown. Many young professionals head to Boston after college graduation to get a taste of big city life full of culture and history. This is why Boston is such a popular spot for nannies as well. Many young women (and men!) move to the Boston area in hopes of becoming a Boston nanny simply because Boston has so much to offer to young people. From Boston, you can take in the mountains, head to the ocean, visit Cape Cod, enjoy numerous historical spots and enjoy a night out on the town. Boston has a lot to offer with a lot of young people to do things with.

Nannies also like Boston because of the many educational opportunities available. The Boston area offers many public and private universities of which a nanny can take classes to further her career or complete her education, all while working as a nanny in a great city.

Boston truly does offer endless opportunities; it is no wonder it is such a popular choice for nannies!

California Nanny Jobs

One hot spot for nanny jobs in the United States is California. Often times, nannies flock to California, especially the Los Angeles area, in hopes of finding a nanny position there. What makes California such a popular spot to nanny? For one, there are many wealthy families in the state searching for nannies so the potential for big bucks is there. Two, many nannies come to California in hopes of finding a family that has show business connections, because often times a family in the entertainment industry has more money to offer a nanny than a family that isn't in the entertainment industry.

California is also a popular place for nannies because of the weather. A nanny who lives in certain areas of California can take the children in their care to the beach one day and then another day head an hour away to the mountains for a picnic. The weather is often times fabulous year-round, which means nannies can stay active and busy outside with the children in their care.

These reasons alone explain why California nanny jobs are so popular! If you are interested in a becoming a California nanny you can use an online nanny matching service, such as or do an Internet search for "California nanny" where many nanny agencies will be pop up for you to study.

Chicago Nanny Jobs

Many people may be surprised to hear that Chicago, Illinois is also a popular spot for nannies in the United States. People may wonder what makes Chicago such a popular place to nanny; after all, doesn't it get really cold there in the winter? Isn't it commonly referred to as The Windy City? What is the attraction for nannies when it comes to Chicago, Illinois?

Because Chicago is a big city, the cost of living is higher than in many other cities throughout the United States. This means a Chicago nanny can also expect to make more money than a nanny would in Des Moines, Iowa. If you are a live in nanny in Chicago, you can easily charge more than you would in other parts of the Illinois and the midwest.

Chicago is also popular because it is a big city and there is always a lot to do in a city that size. This means a nanny should rarely be without something fun to do with the children in her care. From cultural programs to history and science centers, a nanny should never have bored children during her time in charge. Lake Michigan is also a big draw to many nannies; there is plenty to do during the summer months on the beaches of the lake.

Florida Nanny Jobs

Florida is another state that is becoming increasingly popular for nannies. One reason nannies are drawn to positions in Florida is that many people vacation in Florida and many families visiting Florida need a nanny just for the summer. Florida is an ideal state to nanny in, especially if you are looking for temporary or summer nanny work. People traveling to Florida from out-of-state may request a summer nanny through a nanny agency while vacationing in their summer home.

Another reason Florida is such a popular place for nannies is that, like California, the weather allows people to be outside enjoying Florida's beautiful beaches.

If you have ever considered being a Florida nanny, you may want to research Florida nanny jobs.

New Jersey Nanny Jobs

What makes New Jersey so popular for nannies? It is close to New York City, so if a nanny doesn't want to live in the big city, you can find a job in New Jersey and take trips into the city without paying the big bucks to live there.

New Jersey nanny jobs are also in high demand because many parents work long hours and commute to NYC, which means both parents are gone for many hours throughout the day. The parents need childcare and many daycares aren't open for the hours the parents need them to be. But, a nanny is available at odd times or longer stretches of the day. Many parents in New Jersey look for a nanny for this exact reason.

New Jersey is also centrally located between many major cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. This is appealing to nannies because you can easily make a day trip to any of these cities and go exploring with or without the kids.

New Jersey is also the second wealthiest state per capita in the United States. For nannies, coming to New Jersey to work means making more money because families can pay more. Besides the money, New Jersey also offers many modes of transportation from rail and bus to ferries to two major airports.

Texas Nanny Jobs

As a nanny, you may not think of Texas as a top location for nannies in the United States, but it is! If you do an Internet search for "Texas Nanny" you will see pages and pages of "nanny needed" advertisements.

Larger states, like Texas, generally have more jobs when compared to smaller states, including Texas nanny jobs. If there are more families living in a state, there are chances that those families need childcare. If you are looking for a nanny job in a warm Southern state, you may have a good chance of finding one in the great state of Texas. In Texas, you can expect to be paid between $12 and $17 per hour and the great thing is, Texas has the second lowest cost of living in the United States. This is another reason Texas is so popular with nannies. You can live pretty well in Texas on a nanny salary. If you are interested in a nanny position in Texas, check

New York Nanny Jobs

What makes the state of New York such a popular place for a nanny to work? New York is a large state and there is an abundance of nanny positions open throughout the state. Many nannies go to New York because finding a job there is easier than being placed in other states that don't have as large of a nanny need.

New York is also popular because it is home to one HUGE city -- New York City. Many nannies wish to be placed with a family in New York City mostly because it gives them a chance to visit a famous city. With many nanny agencies, the airfare (roundtrip) to New York City to visit with a family that an agency matches you with is free as long as you agree to a one-year commitment. As with other large cities, nannies in New York City are often compensated more than nannies in smaller cities throughout the country.

Being a New York nanny very appealing to many nannies because there is so much to do, especially on your days off. You can see a Broadway show, go shopping in the city, see the Statue of Liberty or visit television shows being broadcast live. The opportunities are endless!

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